Ruger LCR 38 +P* NEW Out Of STOCK

Ruger LCR 38 +P* NEW Out Of STOCK
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Product Description


The Ruger® LCR™ (Lightweight Compact Revolver) represents one of the most significant new revolver designs in over a century. Ruger LCR is a small-framed, lightweight revolver consists of three main components: a polymer fire control housing, an aircraft quality aluminum monolithic frame, and an extensively fluted stainless steel cylinder. Each of these components give the Ruger LCR a unique advantage over traditional revolvers.

The lightweight, chemical-resistant polymer fire control housing on the Ruger LCR contains the entire fire control mechanism, providing a tighter dimensional relationship of the components than if divided between a traditional grip frame and cylinder frame. The end result is that the fire control components are assembled with no hand fitting, resulting in a highly consistent product at an affordable price.

The Ruger LCR's standard Hogue® Tamer™ grip helps reduce perceived recoil. If another grip is more your style, the convenient grip peg allows for a variety of grips to be installed on the Ruger LCR.

The Ruger LCR's monolithic frame is an aerospace grade, 7000 series aluminum forging treated with a black synergistic hard coat that offers performance considerably greater than hard coat anodizing. This provides a sturdy, rigid support for the stainless steel cylinder and barrel.

The Ruger LCR's cylinder is extensively fluted to be lightweight and compact, measuring only 1.283" in diameter in the chamber area. It is treated with an advanced form of Ruger's Target Grey® finish and is durable enough to handle .38 Special +P loads. The Ruger LCR's cylinder front latching system uses titanium components, optimized spring tension, and enhanced lockup geometry to ensure that the LCR's cylinder stays locked in place during firing.

The Ruger LCR's double-action trigger pull is uniquely engineered to minimize friction between the fire control components, resulting in a non-stacking, smooth trigger pull. The trigger force builds more gradually, and peaks later in the trigger stroke, resulting in a trigger pull that feels much lighter than it actually is. This results in more comfortable shooting, even among those with smaller, weaker hands.

The evolution of the revolver has arrived in the Ruger LCR.

The Ruger LCR is a 13.5 ounce, small-framed revolver with a polymer fire control housing, an aircraft quality aluminum monolithic frame with synergistic hard coat, an extensively fluted stainless steel cylinder, and a uniquely engineered double-action trigger.

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